Biodent’s mojito gum is the first to have Braille on its packages


Biodent sent its new, incredible mojito-flavored gum. This new-born gum will give the consumers a fresh lemon and peppermint taste on the threshold of hot summer days

 In addition to its great taste,Biodent has innovated a new approach to meet all its customers’ needs, especially those who are not able to see or have eyesight disorders. The phrase” Biodent chewing gum, be smile” has been written in Braille on the mojito packages as well as all other products from now on.




Braille on packaging especially on medicinal products has been common and widespread in recent years all around the world. However this feature hasn’t been applied in Iran’s food industry so far. As a pro-dental and oral health, with its unique features, Biodent hopes to put a smile on those faces who are unable to see